Meibel Consulting has planned and executed over one hundred and fifty successful expos, concerts and special events. In addition, we have also raised over $400 000 for various charity organizations in the last eight years. We pride ourselves on the expertise of our team to deliver an amazing experience to all parties involved: patrons, partners, vendors and facilities. 

Game Con Canada 2023

Annual Attendance

The Southern Alberta Home, Garden & Leisure Show

Annual Attendance

The Alberta Food and Beverage Expo

Annual Attendance

Food & Beverage Expo Locations & Expansions

100th Anniversary of the Burning of Zozobra

Annual Attendance

Past Meibel Event Concerts

Our Partners, Clients & Sponsors


  • Operational Audits (Food, Liquor, Staff, Marketing)
  • Staff Training ( Front of House & Back of House)
  • Events & Promotions Development
  • Market Analysis
  • Supplier Negotiation & Acquisition
  • Contract Negotiation 
  • Sales Team Development & Training 
  • Federal & Provincial Licensing & Permits (Fire, Health, Police, AGLC) 


  • Social Media Management & Marketing 
  • Website Design & Development 
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Multimedia Design 
  • Smartphone Application Creation & Management  
  • Graphic Design (Digital & Print)
  • Online Review Management 

Meibel's Four Pillars of Service


  • Sponsorship Program Planning
  • Sponsorship Sales Planning 
  • Partnership Management 
  • Activation Concept Development  
  • Retention and Renewal Council   
  • Contract Negotiation 
  • Sponsorship Marketing Material Creation 
  • Market Category Analysis & Development
  • Critical Path Development  


  • Custom Event Development & Services (Concerts,Keynotes, Charity Programs, Sporting Events)  
  • Event Execution (Floor Management, Security, Staffing, Event Flow)
  • Federal & Provincial Licensing & Permits (Fire, Health, Police, AGLC) 
  • Digital Media (Event Advertising & Promotion)