Meibel Consulting has planned and executed over one hundred and fifty successful expos, concerts and special events. In addition, we have also raised over $400 000 for various charity organizations in the last eight years. We pride ourselves on the expertise of our team to deliver an amazing experience to all parties involved: patrons, partners, vendors and facilities. 

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Current Meibel Sponsorship Facility


Our goal at Meibel Consulting is not solely to provide an ROI for our sponsors and clients. We believe the priority must be the community for creation of successful and lasting relationships. Using our connections and expertise as a catalyst, we develop functional partnerships that inspire synergy and promote collaboration between all parties involved in the project. 

Current Meibel Sponsorship Facility

Our Partners, Clients & Sponsors


  • Operational Audits (Food, Liquor, Staff, Marketing)
  • Staff Training ( Front of House & Back of House)
  • Events & Promotions Development
  • Market Analysis
  • Supplier Negotiation & Acquisition
  • Contract Negotiation 
  • Sales Team Development & Training 
  • Federal & Provincial Licensing & Permits (Fire, Health, Police, AGLC) 


  • Social Media Management & Marketing 
  • Website Design & Development 
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Multimedia Design 
  • Smartphone Application Creation & Management  
  • Graphic Design (Digital & Print)
  • Online Review Management 

Meibel's Four Pillars of Service


  • Sponsorship Program Planning
  • Sponsorship Sales Planning 
  • Partnership Management 
  • Activation Concept Development  
  • Retention and Renewal Council   
  • Contract Negotiation 
  • Sponsorship Marketing Material Creation 
  • Market Category Analysis & Development
  • Critical Path Development  


  • Custom Event Development & Services (Concerts,Keynotes, Charity Programs, Sporting Events)  
  • Event Execution (Floor Management, Security, Staffing, Event Flow)
  • Federal & Provincial Licensing & Permits (Fire, Health, Police, AGLC) 
  • Digital Media (Event Advertising & Promotion)